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be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue. yuguang sincerely welcome the ideal, have the dream of joining, the company will provide fair competition for all employees of the stage. yu guang for all talent to provide multi-channel dual-track career development plan, whether you are ordinary staff or front-line technicians, no matter which job, as long as you have real ability to learn, can find their own career development in line with their own goals dream.
  yu guang has always been as talent for the development of the enterprise, always to the talent to fly the vast sky. "love before, with only, yucai" is the principle of yugu abide by, "who can, the flat let, yongzhe" is yugi's competitive mechanism, "the cause of people, the interests of people, emotional retention" is yu guang "zhuchaoyaofeng" consistent policy. we sincerely look forward to your bring, we believe that you will be much in yu guang as.
  we sincerely look forward to sharing the success with you, sharing life.